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The Hungry Hottie Cookbook by Cynthia Pasquella

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pink star 5 Day Slimdown Diet – Lose Up to 5 pounds in just 5 days! ($47 Value)

5 Day Slimdown Diet



This past summer, I got a call from Harper’s Bazaar who wanted me to create a diet specifically for their 250,000 readers. They knew that my specialty is helping women get amazing results quickly while I doing all the work for them.

THIS is the diet I created and thousands of women emailed me about how it had drastically changed their body. I’m sharing it here for the first time ever so you can experience the same transformation!

As usual, I’ve done all the work for you with completely prepared meals, recipes, and guidelines! You will LOVE this program!





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pink star 5 Day Slimdown Diet – Lose Up to 5 pounds in just 5 days! ($47 Value) AND


pink star Just Tell Me What To Eat Program ($97 Value)

Just Tell Me What To Eat Program What's Included by Cynthia Pasquella

Here’s Just A Hint of What You’ll Get In This Breakthrough Program:

  • Over 60 Minute Audio Recording – This recording contains my most powerful nutrition advice. It makes it SUPER easy for you to understand EXACTLY what to eat and why! This is the SAME advice I use with my celebrity clients and thousands of clients to help them shed pounds, boost their energy (and confidence!), and live a life where battling with food daily is the norm. Come on, how refreshing would that be?!
  • Audio Workbook – Follow along to record your thoughts, notes, and tips in this easy to reference audio workbook!
  • Done For You Weekly Meal Plan – This meal plan contains 28 different recipes and tells you EXACTLY what to eat and when!
  • Blank Meal Plan Templates – So you can build your own. You’ll learn how to do this in MINUTES a week with this program!
  • My Exclusive “Skinny Plate” – Learn EXACTLY what percentage of your food should come from fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and fat. This simple meal assembly guide will revolutionize what you put on your plate!
  • My Proprietary “Your Perfect Serving Size” Guide – Learn the EXACT serving sizes for weight loss or for healthy lifestyle maintenance. I take all the guess work out of how much to eat!
  • Over 20 Mouth-Watering, Quick, and Simple Recipes – Including Desserts like Chocolate Pudding (YES, it’s healthy AND burns fat!!)!
  • Grocery Shopping List Template – This simple, organized list will have you in and out of the grocery store in minutes and you’ll have EXACTLY what you need to eat healthy for that week – no more and no less!

Finally…. An Opportunity For You To Take ALL The Guesswork Out of What To Eat and Do It In Minutes Each Day.

If you’re ready to stop guessing and start losing fat, boosting energy, rebuilding your confidence, and restoring your health, then this program is for YOU!



Bonus Gifts for E-Book + Physical Book Purchases


pink star 5 Day Slimdown Diet – Lose Up to 5 pounds in just 5 days! ($47 Value) AND


pink star Just Tell Me What To Eat Program ($97 Value) AND


pink star 40-Minute Exclusive Interview With Yours Truly | How To Eat, Move and Think Like a Top Nutritionist ($27 Value) AND

In this inspiring and exclusive interview you’ll learn:

  • The nuts and bolt on how to properly nourish your body.
  • What cravings really are and how to handle the 3PM crash-cravings that sneak up on you.
  • When to listen to your head versus your body and vice versa!
  • Results of A SHOCKING Harvard Medicine study about cupcakes and what it means for your health!
  • The one simple key to feeling mentally balanced (so you don’t overeat!)

I also share my incredible story of how I completely transformed my life. This is one interview you DO NOT want to miss!


pink star Hungry Hottie Cooking Class Video Series ($47 Value) AND

I’m SO very excited to announce that I’m shooting a video series that teaches you how to slice and dice, chop and stop (wasting time in the kitchen)! Your time in the kitchen can be cut in half and MUCH more enjoyable if you follow the simple techniques I share with you! You’ll go behind the scenes with me in my personal kitchen in this 10 video series! It promises to change the way you feel about cooking forever!

This video series will be released December 19, 2012 – just in time to help you whip up a quick and simple mouth-watering feast in time for the holidays!


pink star The Dish With Cynthia Episode ($19 Value)

Ok, this is COOL! As you know, there’s a lot to learn in the field of nutrition, holistic health, medicine, and overall wellness. Instead of trying to be an expert on all things, I let my friends be the experts. And those friends are all best-selling authors, celebrity personalities, and truly experts who are doing some very radical things – and those things are working! AND… I’m now going to share them with YOU!

Every few weeks, I’m inviting over one of my expert friends to make a meal with me in my personal kitchen and while we eat I’m going to pick their brains for tips, tricks and strategies that can help you burn fat, beautify your body and life, prevent illnesses, boost energy levels and so much more all while saving time and money! It’s going to be SO much fun and I’m thrilled you’ll be there with me!

This episode will air January 11, 2013 to help you kick off the new year right!!


.The Hungry Hottie Cookbook



JJ Virgin, Author of The Virgin Diet Praises The Hungry Hottie Cookbook “The recipes in this book will transform everything you’ve ever thought about plant-based food! Cynthia reveals her secrets to eating delicious foods in minutes a day while helping to heal your relationship with food forever! Whether you’re a carnivore or veggie lover this book will revolutionize the way you eat AND live!”

JJ Virgin, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Virgin Diet
Rich Roll, Author of Finding Ultra Praises The Hungry Hottie Cookbook “In The Hungry Hottie Cookbook, Cynthia Pasquella hits a home run with her “Transformational Nutrition” approach to food, a holistic primer on cooking and diet that embraces that which is generally lacking in books of this nature — the psychological and spiritual underpinnings of food as integral to optimal health, living life consciously and unlocking your most authentic self. All in a very easy to digest layout that makes preparing her many healthy recipes easy, fun, simple, quick and delicious!”

Rich Roll, Plant-Based Ultra-Endurance Athlete and Bestselling Author of Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself.

Susan Campbell Cross, Lifestyle Editor of Shape Magazine Praises The Hungry Hottie Cookbook “Hats off to Cynthia Pasquella for creating recipes that are simply delicious and deliciously simple. Cooking healthy has never been hotter–or more fun!

Susan Campbell Cross, Lifestyle Editor Shape Magazine, Contributing Lifestyle Editor OK! & Star Magazine
Kym Douglas, Author of Bliss Happens and Contributor to The Ellen Degeneres Show Praises The Hungry Hottie Cookbook “Cynthia Pasquella is my friend, coach and colleague and I’ve successfully followed her method for years. I found The Hungry Hottie Cookbook to be a cookbook for your body and your life! It promises to fill your life with beauty, blessings and bliss!”

Kym Douglas, Regular Contributor to The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Doctors and Best-Selling Author of Bliss Happens


The Hungry Hottie Cookbook


  • 110 Mouth-Watering, Fat-Burning, Soul-Sizzlin’ Recipes that all use 10 ingredients or less and are on your table in 30 minutes!
  • Variations and Substitutions for EVERY Single Recipe so you can customize it to your tastes (each recipe has at least 2 so you’re making entirely different dishes with every single recipe!)
  • The 6 Step Hungry Hottie Method designed to help you heal your relationship with food FOREVER!
  • The Top Foods You Want To Avoid if you want to lose weight fast and send your confidence through the roof! (some of them will surprise you!)
  • The exact foods you can use to lose 17 pounds in just 3 weeks!
  • What 12 foods you should always buy organic and the 15 you shouldn’t bother spending the extra money on!
  • Simple money saving tips to make the Hungry Hottie lifestyle work for any budget!
  • The “health” food that contains petroleum – yuck!!!
  • 3 Simple steps to set the stage for cooking delicious, fat-burning recipes and enjoying every step of the process
  • Fast ways to stock your kitchen and pantry to take hours off the time spent in the kitchen each week!
  •  The #1 thing you should look for in canned beans and veggies AND the #1 thing you should avoid!
  • Revolutionary Live Hot Tips to transform the way you think about food and eating that will also boost your metabolism and your self-esteem in MINUTES!
  • SO Much More!

The Hungry Hottie Cookbook


  • Deliciously Simple Recipes that will make your mouth water and forever change how you feel about “healthy” food!
  • Spend Less Time Cooking and Shopping and more time living!
  • Fast Weight Loss while enjoying new twists on your favorite foods!
  • Increased Energy as a result of eating nourishing, plant-based meals. Who knew plants could be so decadent?!
  • Renewed Confidence in your ability to do ANYTHING you set your mind to while feeling nourished the entire way!
  • Increased Awareness of your relationship with food and revolutionary new ways to change that relationship forever!
  • More Calm, Peace, Ease and Grace thanks to your nourished spirit by simply using the step-by-step tips found throughout this book!

The Hungry Hottie Cookbook


 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


If you aren’t happy with your copy of The Hungry Hottie Cookbook, just email me [info@cynthiapasquella.com] and let me know. You’ll get a 100% full, prompt and friendly refund. We part as friends. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose!






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