The Scariest Thing Ever for Halloween

It’s that time again! Time to carve a pumpkin, sip apple cider and of course, choose your costume! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I get totally jazzed about it.  I throw parties, attend parties, cook lots of pumpkin inspired foods and just overall bliss out during this spooky season.

This year promises to be especially exciting because it’s the first real year that Rain can understand this whole “Trick or Treat” thing.  We took her out last year to see the lights and other kids but this year she will be able to get much more involved! Did I mention she has the cutest costume ever?!  I’ll share a picture of her in it in next week’s newsletter! (You can sign up for it just below this post!)

This past week one of my dear friends celebrated her birthday with a costume party, which got me to thinking about the characters we morph into to celebrate Halloween.  It also got me thinking about the masks we wear on a daily basis.

Halloween Masquerade Mask Blog by Transformational Nutritionist Cynthia PasquellaI was speaking to one of my private clients just yesterday who said she feels like she’s never been able to be her real self.  She said she had never really revealed who she is, what she likes, what makes her laugh out loud or what she would really like to do with her life to her friends and family.  You see, for her entire life she’s been wearing this mask and playing out the roles that people said she should.

Something tells me you’re all too aware of these masks and roles.  They include the loyal friend, the nurturing wife, the loving mom, the responsible daughter, the go-getter in the boardroom and the tiger in bed.  Oh, and make sure you have a great body, a permanent smile on your face and bake a mean apple pie.

The scary thing is that we all fall into these characters and most of us never get out of them.  Instead, we live our entire lives going through the motions of what someone else thinks we should be and do.  This ultimately leads to being us being unhappy and unfulfilled.  It also creates a void we try desperately to fill – with money, fame, alcohol, drugs, power, control and food.  Especially food.

Halloween Mask Blog by Transformational Nutritionist Cynthia PasquellaUnfortunately, no matter how much food we eat, we can never fill the void. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.  I’ve spoken with thousands of women who are characters in their own lives and I say enough is enough. Seriously, what the what?!   This is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about.  You get one shot at it. Do you really want to go through it as someone else?  Never expressing who you really are and what you really enjoy? Never being truly, madly, shake-your-tailfeathers happy?  Stuffing yourself with food only to feel bad about what you’ve eaten and how that affects your weight loss program? Now that’s scary!

I want to challenge you to wear a costume on only one day of the year (a few more if you’re feeling adventurous ;)). For the rest of the time, I challenge you to be your authentic self.  Step out of your regularly scheduled life and do something that YOU want to do.  Go for a hike. Paint.  Dance. Sing. Run. Sit quietly. Enjoy a hot cup of tea. Go out with your girlfriends. Ride a roller coaster. Explore your spirituality. Explore your sexuality. Pet a cat. Ride a horse. End a career. Start a new one. Live life full out and most importantly discover who you truly are inside.

Once you’ve unearthed this beautiful, radiant, feminine being love her, honor her and most importantly BE her on a daily basis.

Look at you go!
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