Live Your Truth


Before we get into the “3 Ways to Radically Transform Without Struggle or Deprivation“, I have a confession to make.

I haven’t been honest.

There have been some things going on behind the scenes.

There is a HUGE shift happening for me right now.  As Bob Dylan would say, “The times they are a-changin”.


I’ve felt it for a long time now.

I’ve just been afraid to step into my truth and play a bigger game. I’ve been afraid to pull back the curtain and let you peek behind it.

YET… I KNOW that the method I use/teach/preach works! I’ve seen it with thousands and thousands of people over the years.

I’ve given some – like the science and psychology of weight loss.  And spiritual teachings to transform your thoughts and life.  But I can’t honestly sit here and say that I’ve played full out.

And that’s not cool.


So why have I held back?

The same reason we all hold back when it comes to doing anything. I was afraid.  Afraid of being judged, laughed at, dismissed.

But I am at a crossroads and I realize as I ask YOU (and thousands of women like you) to step up and step out and transform your lives that I must do the same.


It’s time to live my truth.

What’s crazy is that ALL roads point to this path for me.

Lately, the Universe has been smacking me upside the head with signs.  Things like:

  • an OVERWHELMING (seriously, thousands) response to my upcoming interview with spiritual hero, Marianne Williamson 

  • a FLOOD of beautiful, honest, vulnerable questions from you for me to ask Marianne on your behalf all around abundance, spirituality, something “bigger” – WOW!
  • random comments from women – like this one left on my blog post two days ago, “Well, thanks to you I am on my way to being physically healthy and fit! Now I just need help figuring out how to become healthier emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”   I hear you, beautiful sister! I hear you!


So… it’s time to live my truth.  To walk my talk (in public not just my private life).  To serve you in a bigger, better way.  To inspire radical transformation in women everywhere.

To kick off this life-changing, career altering moment, I put together a list of “3 Ways to Radically Transform Your Body and Life Without Struggle or Deprivation“.


Let’s get this party started:

1.  Relax into the flow.  This isn’t the same as go with the flow. Go with the flow implies that you go along with whatever comes your way. You do what everyone else is doing. You don’t buck the system.

I’m encouraging you to relax into the flow that you create when you step up and declare to the Universe (aka God, Buddha, Source, Christ, Divine Mother, Allah, Infinite Consciousness, etc. etc. etc.) that you’re ready for something more.

Be warned that this “something more” might come quickly or in surprising ways. When it does, relax into it and surrender to the shift it causes.


2. Want more.  There is no longer any time left for settling.  There’s no time to say “I will do/have/be that when I get older/retire/save money/make a plan.

Your time is now. Go big. Go HUGE. But go.  And know that everything and anything you want is yours for the taking. You simply have to want it.


3. Believe you can have it.  Napoleon Hill is famous for saying, “Whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve.” Mad props to Napoleon for speaking the truth, yo.

The universe absolutely, positively, undeniable supports you in anything you believe. You were created entitled to infinite abundance.

But we lose that belief. We lose that connection. We start to believe that getting a job/making money/losing weight is supposed to be hard. That we’re supposed to struggle. That it’s normal. It’s not.


So, I want to now challenge YOU to step up and play bigger.

What do YOU want?

What will YOU choose to believe?

How will YOU relax into the flow?

And WHY, OH WHY haven’t you done this yet?


Please leave a comment below answering these challenge questions (one or all of them) and tell me how I can better support you moving forward!


Let’s make magic (and miracles, as my friend Gabby Bernstein would say) happen!

So much love, respect and gratitude for you,


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