About a week ago I was making breakfast and happened to look out the window and see two ducks floating in my pool! Now, I’m a HUGE animal lover (and they clearly know we’re plant-based) so I proceeded to yell at Andrew, “DUCKS!!! We have DUCKS!”.

The beauty and grace of these amazing beings are so wondrous and every morning since that day has been like Christmas. I jump out of bed and rush to the window to see if they are there. And almost always, they are!

We’ve even named them Bonnie and Clyde. I don’t know, they somehow seem like outlaws. Just the two of them against the world. I dig it.

And for the past week they’ve been here, they’ve taught me a few things that I want to share with you.


1. Sometimes you need to go with the flow (or the pool ripples). 

Bonnie and Clyde don’t mind if the water shifts them in one direction or the other. They just hang out and go where it takes them. Us? We pull, fight and try to course correct on a daily basis. It’s amazing how stressful it is to always try and make things “right”! I don’t know about you but I’m making the decision to let go of the way things “should” be and just accept them as they are.


2. Invest time in taking care of yourself. It shows.

My two feathered friends are gorgeous! They are plump, round and their feathers sparkle as they glide through the water. They’ve gotta be two of the finest duck specimens this side of the Mississippi.

When I pointed this out to my husband, he said, “Well, look how well they take care of themselves! Of course they look great!”.  He’s right. These ducks are always relaxing, preening their feathers, taking a nice flight, eating healthy food (they can’t waddle through McDonald’s) or going for a nice swim.

When is the last time YOU did things like this for yourself on a daily basis? I know, I know. We have kids and jobs and families and … stuff! But if we invested just 10 minutes a day practicing this type of extreme self care, it would show up in a big way.


3. Sleep. Often.

Who knew ducks were such big nappers? Cats? Yes. Ducks? Really?!

After a nice long swim, they hop out of the pool, tuck their beaks under their wings and close their eyes for a nice little slumber. Sometimes they don’t even bother to get out of the water! They just sleep right where they are. Brilliant!

The cool thing about sleep is that it reduces stress, helps lower blood pressure, boosts weight loss, improves memory, increases heart health and loads more!

How much do YOU sleep? Me? I love to sleep. It might be one of my favorite things ever. But with a two year old, it isn’t always so easy. However… I’m taking notes from the ducks and squeezing in a 20 minute power nap today. I know it’s gonna feel SO good!


Let’s make magic happen

What have YOU learned from Bonnie and Clyde (the ducks, not the gangsters)?  What ONE thing have they inspired YOU to do TODAY? Tell me in the comments below!